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Come to chat, leave to shoot someone.

Frag Haven

PC Gaming
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This journal is for fans of PC Gaming, while it was created with FPS (First-Person-Shooters) in mind, all games and consoles are welcome.
I ask that everyone who is playing games in here, get X-Fire. My name in the program is "TortureShock" (without the quotes)
make a name, and play!

1: This community was created for PC FPS games, however ALL games are welcome, except adult games, as well as all consoles are welcome.
2: I have no problem with SINGLE PLAYER cheats posted here, however all posts containing information on how to, or links to MULTI-PLAYER hacks/cheats/expolits/aimbots/openGL hacks/etc.
will be immediatly removed, and the poster immediatly banned. There is NO SECOND CHANCES with this. I support playing games with gamers, not lamers. If you need those to win, you will never get better.
3: Because newbies might join this community, I ask that you are respectful with all newbie comments, remember, we were ALL newbies once.
4: Saying simply "That game sucks." or similar without backing information will result in a warning, and comment/post deletion. 3 offenses will result in a ban.
5: I have no problem with news/reviews, however with reviews I expect a fair and unbiased review and with news, important stuff only. I don't need to know that Blizzard added three more trees to World of Warcraft or ID gave a demon in DOOM3 a new mouth or whatever. Probably no bans associated with this one, but I will warn and delete post/comment.
6: Lastly, all pictures should be put behind a cut, and no links to sites with adult content, blah blah. ADDENDUM: No community promos please, use community_promo instead
These rules may change in the future, if there is a major change, i will inform the community through a post.

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