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Has anyone here ever played Pirates of the Caribbean: the Legend of Jack Sparrow for PC? I just got it for myself for Christmas and I can't get the damn thing to work. Sometimes I can open chests, sometimes I can't. There's one spot in the first level I've gotten stuck somehow and can't move, twice now. Sometimes it acts like my computer is too slow but it's not.

Would it work better if I got a game pad instead of using the keyboard? I've been looking up reviews and stuff where other people had problems as well but it doesn't really help or answer my question. I don't want to spend another ~$30 for something that might not work; I already spent $100 because my DVD-ROM didn't work and I had to get a new one put in.

What a giant colossal pain in the ass; no wonder I only play video games online or at friends' houses. X(

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